Answers to Commonly Asked Questions

Which networks host the Betonchain protocol?

What sports leagues are supported?

Betonchain currently supports NBA (basketball), Euroleague (basketball), WNBA (basketball), NFL (American football), MLB (baseball), NHL (hockey), Premier League (soccer), La Liga (soccer), MLS (soccer), Champions League (soccer), Serie A (soccer), Ligue 1 (soccer), Europa League (soccer), German Bundesliga (soccer). More leagues/sports will be supported after Mainnet launch!

What currencies can I bet with?

How does Betonchain get odds and game data?

Betonchain hosts end-to-end infrastructure for on-chain odds and game data. Our Chainlink node, oracle and consumer are supported by our powerful, pragmatic and blazing fast API. Our API aggregates consistent, accurate and real-time odds data from 11+ high volume bookies across more than a dozen sports leagues.

Why is Betonchain safe to use?

Nothing can ever prevent users from accessing their rightful winnings. Our smart contracts ensure potential payouts for every bet position. Bet amounts are capped by the available collateral for that position. In contrast to conventional bookies, impactful data such as player performance, bet position volume and collateral, implied probabilities with the vig/juice removed and more is openly available and easily accessible.

What bet types are supported?

Betonchain currently supports Money Line, Over Under, Point Spread and Parlays (including same game parlays).

What Fantasy contests are supported?

Betonchain currently supports team-level Fantasy pools with 50/50, Head2Head and other types of player contests.

How do I bet?

Visit https://betonchain.gg/ on your computer and check out our guides for tutorials.

How do I play Fantasy?

Visit https://betonchain.gg/ on your mobile device and check out our guides for tutorials.

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